Undertaking a 

Panama Canal Transit 

with a Super Yacht?

Navigate the “Crossroad of the World”

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We arrange Panama Canal Transits for super yachts whether you are coming or going to the Pacific Ocean.

A good plan to have a memorable experience

of one of the 7 wonders of the Modern  World!

Get well prepared

Formalities Panama Canal Transit
  • Panama Cruising Permit

  • Registration with ACP

  • Booking Panama Canal Transit

Panama Yacht Formalties
  • Yacht Clearance

  • Customs Clearance

  • Immigration Entry & Exit

Yacht Support Panama
  • Bunkering

  • Logistics

  • Technical Support

  • Provisions & Spares

Preparation for the Galapagos
  • Fummigation & Certificate

  • Hull Cleaning

  • Yacht Agent Galapagos


About Us

Oliver Yacht Agents was started by Olivier Van Neste who started his yachting career in 2012 in Palma de Mallorca, one of the top destinations in the Super Yacht Industry. 


During the many yacht deliveries, Olivier noticed the importance and comfort of a good yacht agent. 


He decided to combine his languages, organisation skills with his yachting experience and started his own yacht service agency. 


Nowadays, Oliver Yacht Agents is successfully operating in Panama, Galapagos, Palma and Sardinia represented by selected agents in each destination. 

We assist and support super yachts who need quality service and professional support whilst crossing the Panama Canal.


Reliable, easy to work with, efficient and close communication make it a stress free story from start to finish.


Thank you very much for your great quality

and efficient service.

- Giverny Jade Elliott • Chief Stew M/Y Awol


Some of the superyachts we have collaborated with in the past.


Start Planning your Panama Canal Transit Today!

We'd love to help make it succesful. Let's work together!

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